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Modpol is built around groups called orgs. At the base is an org with all users in it, called Root by default. Modules enable people to do things within orgs, such as decide on membership, grant powers to the org, and much more. To get started in Minetest:

  • Type the command /mp
  • Select the org Root
  • Choose one of its modules to make new orgs and craft their behavior

Modules can be nested in each other, so one module can rely on another module to accomplish a process. Users might use a module to unilaterally carry out actions in the game, or the module might require a group decision to do so. Users can also change the modules available to users of a given org. There are currently two ways of doing this:

  • Admins can remove modules from the list of modules loaded in modpol_core/api.lua and modpol_minetest/api.lua. This will make those modules no longer available to any user.
  • Players can change the modules available in a given org from within the program using the Change modules module. Removed modules can be re-added in any org by using Change modules again.

Modpol should give you the ability to do whatever kind of politics you want with your modules. If there is something you would like to do that is not available, develop a module for it (or ask us for help!).


Developer documentation is currently located at the repo wiki on GitLab.