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One administrator, @ntnsndr, holds ultimate decision-making power over the project. This is a temporary arrangement while we build trust as a community and adopt a more inclusive structure.

  • Autocracy The administrator holds ultimate decision-making power in the community.
    • Executive The administrator is responsible for implementing—or delegating implementation of—policies and other decisions.
    • Lobbying If participants are not happy with the administrator's leadership, they may voice their concerns or leave the community.
  • Do-ocracy Those who step forward to do a given task can decide how it should be done, in ongoing consultation with each other and the administrator.
    • Membership Participation is open to anyone who wants to contribute. The administrator can remove misbehaving participants at will for the sake of the common good.
  • Code of Conduct Participants are expected to abide by the Contributor Covenant (
  • Ownership This is a project of the Media Enterprise Design Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder and is owned by the university.

Created by Nathan Schneider

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