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Try the demo server

We have a demo server available where you can try Modpol for Minetest in a multiplayer environment. To conserve resources, it is only online by appointment. Please contact MEDLab to schedule an appointment.

To play, follow these instructions. If you have problems, let us know by email.

Download Minetest

Get the latest version at

Join the server

In Minetest, choose the "Join Game" tab. There, enter the following:

  • Address:
  • Port: 30000
  • Name: Choose a name
  • Password: Choose a password

Then click Connect. If it is your first time logging in, you will need to type your password again.

Get comfortable

  • To change how your character looks, type i to open the inventory menu and choose the Edit Skin tab on top.
  • Learn the basic controls and much more at the Minetest wiki. (Hint: If you've played Minecraft before, the controls are pretty much the same!)

Enter Modpol

To start interacting with Modpol in the game, type /mp [Enter].